Garage Door Cable Repair Service

Do you have broken garage door cables but want a cheaper alternative to replacement? At Olympus Garage Door Repair, we provide affordable, high-quality garage door cable repair services.

It is our mission to not only ensure your safety but also the quality that you deserve, so we are equipped with top of the line garage door cables in a variety of sizes to match a wide range of garage doors.

Need a job done right away? We also offer service every day of the week, including weekends. Along with that, we also offer warranty on all of our parts and labor used during our repair services.
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Garage Door Cable Issues

How can you tell that your garage door cables need repair? Usually, there are tell-tale signs that show, such as rust on metal cables, jamming, or the cables being loose.

If you’re unsure of the state of your own garage door cables and are worried about it, it is recommended that you go see a professional repair service company such as us.

Here are a few signs that you need to replace your garage door cables:

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Old cables:

Just like any other piece of equipment, cables are exposed to wear and tear and, over time, these factors may cause them to break. Broken or snapped garage door cables means that springs will be at risk of flying out and hitting something, or someone, if they potentially break. Such a condition can also lead to an unbalanced garage door which has its own set of complications. 

Rust on the metal cables:

Rusty cables can also lead to a crooked garage door. These can be caused by prolonged exposure to moisture, such as salt water, and chemicals. At first, it may just hinder your ability to move in and out of the garage- especially with a vehicle but if the issue isn’t quickly resolved you may need to replace the entire door leading to additional expenses. 

Jammed and Unwound cables:

Jammed and unwound cables can lead to similar outcomes, but they are caused by mechanical factors instead of natural ones. These can range from locked garage doors, lodged door tracks, to broken springs or springs that are severely lacking tension needed to support the cables. 

Safety Cables

If you own a garage door that utilizes an extension spring system, your garage door will require the installation of safety cables.
Without the installation of safety cables, you run the risk of allowing the garage door extension springs to break loose and possibly damage vehicles or injure other people inside the garage.
Safety cables are installed by being tightly wound while being laced through the garage door springs and are attached to the wall or ceiling.   They help ease the tension on your garage door’s extension springs and help prevent broken springs from damaging anything else by controlling them.
It is not recommended that you “DIY” the safety cables of a garage door. The installation of safety cables is a very delicate process, and the improper installation of such cables can possibly cause bodily harm and can lead to heavy costs in repairs.
It is generally recommended that you consult a professional to safely install your safety cables.

Contact us today if you suspect your garage door may have a broken Cable

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