Garage Door Panel Replacement Service

The garage door panels are fabricated with high-quality materials that can last for years. Usually, panels don’t break easily. However, unexpected accidents can happen at any time. When they hit your garage door, it could lead to broken and dented panels.
If you observe that the panels are not in good shape, you can replace the damaged panels but not the entire garage door.
Olympus Garage Door Repair consists of garage door technicians with the skills and knowledge to repair your garage door correctly. We work with top brands, and we will ensure you that we will get the best and high-quality garage door panels for your garage door.
Our office is open 7-days a week, so call us today to schedule an appointment. Additionally, we offer a warranty on labor and garage door parts.
garage door panel replacement repair

Issues with Garage Door Panels

There are different reasons why your garage door panels can be in bad condition. You can check below the most common causes.

dented garage door panels


Moistures from harsh weather can cause your garage door panels to corrode. Additionally, if a massive hail strikes your garage door, it could result in dented panels.

Off-track garage door

The issue with garage door rollers is that they can come out of their tracks anytime. When that happens, it could lead to bent panels. If that’s the case, don’t try to close the door as it may bend or break forcibly.

Old Garage Doors

As times go on, you will notice some changes to your garage door. Due to old age, your garage door will suffer from wear and tear, and you can observe dents and damage eventually.



If something hits your garage door, it could leave dents on the panels. It can be a child who plays with his ball, or some rocks were thrown at your garage door, or maybe animals. Whatever the reason is, they could leave significant damage on your panels. If the impact is too strong, it may break your panels.

Panel Replacement Vs. Garage Door Replacement

Before jumping to a conclusion, whether to have a garage door replacement or just panel replacement, consider the reasons below.

Panel Replacement

garage door panel repair
Practically, if you have damaged door panels, you can easily replace them with a new one.
However, if your garage door panels are still new and you find some damage, check first the extent of the damage. If you think that there are few broken panels, go for panel replacement which is more cost-effective than replacing the whole garage door.

Garage Door Replacement

new garage door installation

If all your garage door panels are damaged, it’s more logical if you go for garage door replacement. If the injured panels can harm your entire garage door, we recommend you consider garage door replacement. Additionally, garage door replacement is inexpensive rather than replacing all your broken garage door panels.

Are your garage door panels dented or bent? Contact us today!

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